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What is Event Sourcing?

  • Helps reduce impedance mismatches and the need for concept mapping, allowing technology teams to ‘speak the same language’ as the business when discussing the system
  • Encourages command/query responsibility separation, allowing writes and reads to be independently optimized
  • Provides state temporality and audit history as a matter of course — answering the question of what did the system look like at specific times in the past, and what were all events up to that point

How does Event Sourcing work?

  • bank account { current balance: 0 } (starting state)
  • bank account { current balance: 100 } (processed: Account Credited, +100)
  • bank account { current balance: 20 } (processed: Account Debited, -80)

Event Sourcing Implementation options

Potential Event Sourcing Challenges

Event Sourcing Conclusion



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