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  • Tomek Sułkowski

    Tomek Sułkowski

    Frontend trainer, Angular enthusiast, family man, https://twitter.com/sulco

  • Piotr Lewandowski

    Piotr Lewandowski

    JavaScript performance-solver at @Dynatrace. JavaScript trouble-maker on my own

  • Chidume Nnamdi 🔥💻🎵🎮

    Chidume Nnamdi 🔥💻🎵🎮

    I am available for gigs, full-time and part-time jobs, contract roles | 📦:kurtwanger40@gmail.com | Author of “Understanding JavaScript” https://gum.co/LikDD 📕

  • Kent C. Dodds

    Kent C. Dodds

    Making software development more accessible · Husband, Father, Latter-day Saint, Teacher, OSS, GDE, @TC39 · @PayPalEng @eggheadio @FrontendMasters · #JS

  • Idan Dardikman

    Idan Dardikman

    There's no magic, it's just code you don't yet understand

  • Victor Savkin

    Victor Savkin

    Nrwlio co-founder, Xoogler, Xangular. Work on dev tools for TS/JS. @NxDevTools and Nx Cloud architect. Calligraphy and philosophy enthusiast. Stoic.

  • Stephen Fluin

    Stephen Fluin

  • Tom Dale

    Tom Dale

    Member of the JavaScript glitterati.

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