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Fear of embarrassment about what’s missing / Fear of tarnishing your image or brand

Feeling that without a full slate of features, any evaluation of the product won’t be trustworthy

Over-identification with your job title

  • Make sure your startup is incentivizing the right behavior. If you measure for something, that’s what you’ll get.
  • Get the team together for big picture conversations.
  • Make sure that they know what succeeding looks like, as a whole, rather than at a personal level. It doesn’t matter if each person succeeds individually if the team fails as a whole.
  • Try taking off your role hat for periods of time. Let what you notice impact the daily work you do. As Steve Blank says, “Titles in a startup are not the same as what your job is.”

Not sure what the real “business assumption” of the product is

Identifying the assumptions down the road, not the essential assumptions

Not sure how to validate the assumptions

Sensitivity to feedback

Feeling too attached to the current incarnation of the idea



Modernizing Apps, Tools & Teams | | Twitter: @sitepen

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Modernizing Apps, Tools & Teams | | Twitter: @sitepen